What is Music Together?®

Music Together® is based on extensive research into how young children learn music best. Even though your little one isn't ready to tackle a music theory course, she IS constantly learning about the world through observation and experimentation. 

And that's where Music Together comes in. 

By immersing your child in an engaging musical environment--where friends sing and dance together, and special songs are woven into their daily lives--young children begin to develop and explore their concept of what music is.

And because our songs are full of rich musical complexities like modal melodies, mixed meters, stylistic contrasts, their concept of music is so much broader as well--from the very beginning.


And don't worry if you don't know anything about modes and meters. Our play-based format makes it easy for musical experts and novices alike to enjoy class and support their little one's learning in class and at home.


Because even though we have trained teachers guiding you through class, we know (because #weloveresearch) that children learn best by observing and interacting with their primary caregivers. So we'll equip YOU with songs, strategies, and information to weave music-making into your daily routine and build a culture of family music-making--no matter how musical (or not) you think you are.

Your child may not be headed for Carnegie Hall after class (though you never know!), but she will be growing up in a musical world. And we hope to help her develop the foundation necessary to enjoy and participate in that world at whatever level she chooses to pursue.

We hope our songs and activities become treasured moments through your little one's childhood that create special memories like cuddles during lullaby, spinning around the room as we dance, or little giggles during a silly song as we come together to sing, dance, play and learn to make music ... together.

Our class goals are:


1.) to share a fun, educational weekly activity,


2.) to help your child develop his musical aptitude through our research-based approach, and


3.) to equip YOU and your family to make music an active part of your life both in and out of class.

Semester enrollment includes:


1.) a weekly 45-minute class led by a trained music educator.

2.) unlimited optional make-up classes should you need to miss your scheduled class and attend another class time.

3.) a beautifully illustrated children's song book that is sure to become a family favorite.

4.) a CD with the 25 songs we'll be enjoying this semester.

5.) an access code to stream your music digitally through our Hello, Everybody! app.

6.) supplemental activities online through the Family Music Zone at www.musictogether.com.

7.) the option to download printable versions of this semester's music with melody and chords.

8.) eleven weeks of joyful music-making and memories to last a lifetime!

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