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Offering the best music education experiences so our students can develop their love of music into skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Programs

We now have VIRTUAL options to better accommodate you. Click here for all class options.


Live Classes 

We've moved our early childhood classes for families (ideal for ages birth - 5) online! Learn Spanish through music with Canta y Baila Conmigo® or develop your child's love of music through Music Together®.   

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Learn piano with Mrs. Jessica in the comfort of your own home with these self-paced, structured video lessons for preschoolers and primary aged learners (with more options coming soon!).  

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Receive one-on one music instruction online via Zoom with Mrs. Jessica. Jessica Dutton holds a masters of music in music education and can provide support for singers, beginning & intermediate piano & clarinet, beginning ukulele, and all levels of music theory & history.  


About Us


At Jubilee Music, we want our students to love music as much as we do.

Jubilee Music offers music instruction

for all ages in private and group classes. 

We specialize in understanding the unique needs of young learners

and teaching strategies based on the ways kids learn best.


But most of all, we are passionate about passing on

our LOVE of music to our students and community.

The mission of Jubilee Music is to offer engaging, innovative, meaningful, educational classes for music learners of all ages

We believe that young children learn best through play, immersion, exploration, and discovery, and we strive to offer the highest quality of early childhood enrichment programs with a strong foundation in child development and research-based teaching philosophies.

We know that learning a musical skill is valuable and exciting pursuit and offer private and group music instruction for all levels in a creative, engaging learning environment designed to meet the varied needs of our students and their families. 


Is your child musical?


At Jubilee Music, we believe that ALL children are musical and deserve a supportive, encouraging environment to nurture their naturally developing musicality.


We take a research-based approach to presenting music to young children through play, immersion, and informal learning experiences until they are ready to progress to more structured, formal music lessons. At every step, we consider the child's developmental needs and personal growth in conjunction with our ultimate musical goals.


While we specialize in music for young children, instruction is available for all ages... because there is no age limit on music!


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Jubilee Music with Jessica Dutton

Serving Northwest Arkansas virtually from Lowell, AR


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